Rule of Three

Saturday the 21st of may the second race of our American campaign was on the program, Rule of Three. This stands for 33% tarmac, 33% single tracks and 33% gravel. The sun left us the day before the race and it became a wet and muddy edition. The first part of the race went good and I found myself in the front group. Unfortunately after 100 km I punctured on the tire shredding rocks. Plugging the tire went fast but I destroyed my ventil with my co2 patrones. With an inner tube I could make it to the finish but lost too many time for a good result. It was not my race with almost 50 km on single tracks. Too demanding for a gravelbike and too hard for my technical skills. Nice to see my bromance / super chef cook / circusaap / mulletboy @o1jasper took another podium spot with a third place 🥉 💪

Now on to the most important one, UNBOUND on june 4 🚀🚀🚀

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